Mark Eliott

Tree Spirit Eggs by Mark Eliott

Mark Eliott

Short Biography

Mark Eliott is a contemporary artist working in glass, stop-motion animation and music. His work has a number of themes. One is sculptural abstraction informed by music, synaesthetic perceptions and the dance between improvisation and structure.

Another is the glass representation of biological organisms influenced by the 19th -20th century glassblowers Rudolph and Leopold Blaschka as well as the ancient tradition of glass animal making. A third area is narrative based works in which he is inspired by mythology and the story telling of his father.

Mark completed a Master of visual arts and Master of studio arts at Sydney College of the arts as well as associate diploma in Jazz studies (saxophone) at Sydney conservatorium of music. He is currently undertaking a PHD at the Australian National University, Canberra.

One of Marks major projects is his collaboration with Jack McGrath for which they have coined the term Flame-ation (flame-glass animation) - combining stop-motion photography of flame-worked glass and digital compositing. In this work Mark aims to bring glass to life by presenting the object together with animation, and sometimes, live performance.

Mark teaches flame-work and does interactive demonstrations. He has exhibited internationally and has a strong interest in environmental issues. He continues to play music and lives with his partner Manjit and their son and daughter near Bondi beach, Sydney.